The NIC Charger

In the 1900s, Nikola Tesla said wireless electricity was possible. Meet NIC, the world’s first totally wireless charger. All you have to do is connect NIC to a power outlet and have it at your desired location and connect the NIC Charging pad to your portable device, such as phone or tablet. When you bring your device within 5 meters of NIC, it will start charging automatically and keep charging as long it stays within 5 meters of NIC.

Made to fit
your decor
5m charging range
Multiple colors available

how it works

NIC system consists of two parts, the NIC charging cube which is connected to a power outlet and the NIC charging pad which can be permanently connected to your portable device.

Connect Your Device

NIC is compatible with most portable devices using USB-C, Micro-USB and Lightning(IOS) connectors.

No Configuration Needed

You won’t need to do any setup or configuration, simply connect NIC Cube to a power outlet and connect the NIC charging pad to your device and you are all set.

Charging Made Easy

Once you are connected, your device will charge as long it stay within 5 meters of the NIC Cube even if it’s in your pocket or a bag.

The Benefits of NIC

NIC is the world's first totally wireless charger. It can charge most of the portable devices wirelessly without the need to connect any cable.

Wireless Charging

A true wireless charging system for your portable devices. You can charge your phone or tablet anywhere within 5 meters of NIC.

Compatible with all NIC

The Nic charging pad is compatible with all other NIC Cubes you may have at home or in your office

Safety First

NIC Cube and charging pad work together to make sure your device is never overcharged. There are safety measures in place to protect your devices.

Innovative Idea

Nic charger is the first of its kind, following the steps of Nikola Tesla.

Save your Battery

Keeping your battery charged at a higher level all the time will increase your battery life and make your device work much longer.

Proven Technology

Nikola Tesla created the first wireless energy transmission the 1900s. It is now available for most of your portable devices.

Continuous Charging

Your portable device will keep charging as long it stays within 5 meters of NIC Cube.

The First in the World

Nic is the first and only totally wireless charging system in the world.

Increase the Lifespan of your Device

Keeping your battery charged at a higher level all the time will significantly increase your device’s life by protecting your battery from over discharging.

Easy to Use

Simply connect the NIC Cube to a power outlet and connect the Nic charging pad to your portable device and you are all set.

Designed for You

NIC Cube is designed to fit your home and office decor and the Nic charging pad is designed to be practically hidden behind your device.


NIC Cube works on 120/220 volts and is compatible with any Nic charging pad you may have.

NIC Collection

NIC charging system comes in two parts, the charging Cube, the one connected to the power outlet, and the charging pad which is connected to your portable device.

NIC Cube

1 charging cube


*retail price


1 charging IOS pad


*retail price


1 charging USB-C pad


*retail price

NIC Micro-USB Pad

1 charging Micro-USB pad


*retail price

NIC Charging System

NIC is the world’s first totally wireless charging system.

Keep Your Phone Charging at all Times

Your portable device will keep charging all the time as long it stays within 5 meters of the NIC Cube. It will protect and enhance your battery life by avoiding over-discharging.

Charging Made Easy

You no longer need to connect your device to have it charged. NIC Cube with its pad will keep charging your portable device as long it stays within 5 meters of NIC Cube, even if it’s in your pocket, desk or purse.


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What Happens if two Devices or more are Near Each Other?

The device closer to the NIC Charging Cube will charge faster than the other one. The main reason is due to signal propagation attenuation occurring. But Hey! It doesn’t really matter, because your device can be in your hands, pocket or on the table and it will keep charging.

What is the charging time?

iPhone ± 2 to 4hr*
iPad ± 6 to 12hr*
Samsung Galazy S8/S9 ± 2 to 4hr*
*The charging time will depend greatly of how far your device is from the NIC Cube and how many devices are charging in the same time. The above are the result of our tests from a state charge of 20% to 100% at 2 meter from the NIC Cube.

meet the team

We are a small group of electronic and electrical engineers from different parts of the world with one goal, achieve what Nikola Tesla didn’t in the 1900s.

Karl Daniels

Co-Founder & Electronic Engineer
United Kingdom

Franklyn Shull

Co-Founder & Electrician
United States

Thalia Barlow

Co-Founder & Electronic Engineer
South Africa

Sachiko Ikina

Electronic Designer & Prototyper


Here’s a roadmap of our product highlighting the milestones from the initial phase to delivery and future updates.

January 2020

Sending to backers

Dec 19 / Jan 20

Forward to logistic company

Dececember 2019


November 2019

Mass Production

October 2019

First 100 pcs production

September 2019

Production testing

July 2019

Pre-production molding

Jan / May 2019


January 2019

CES Vegas

Sep / Dec 2018

Testing sequence

August 2018

Final electronic board design

June / July 2018

Kickstarter campaign

Feb / May 2018

New Prototype Testing

January 2018

New transmitting box

October 2017

New box and pad testing

June 2017

Box and pad new layout

April 2017

Range and power testing

January 2017

First working prototype

December 2016

Frequencies and voltage testing

October 2016

Testing the idea


tech specs

Need more info? Please have a look at the tech specs of NIC. We’ve used the latest technology and quality materials.


NIC Cube

NIC Charging Pad

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